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abrir comillas  Tekox was the 1st European manufacturer of connection material obtained quality certificates VDE  cerrar comillas



Seriousness and desire to improve

Our customers are our raison d?Ítre and the reason why we work every day to offer them a secure and reliable service.
With this purpose, our company makes every effort to give a personalized treatment to each order and enquiry we receive. This is achieved through a highly qualified professional staff, who does its utmost to adapt its logistic and administrative processes to the customer?s requirements.

Moreover, TEKOX TEKOX has achieved a wide national and international commercial presence, by means of its wide network of representatives and the company?s commercial team, who always provides a reliable service and professional advice.


Parque Tecnol?ico de Asturias Parcela 24 33428 ? Llanera (Asturias) Espa? - T +34 985 260 475 / 261 812 - F +34 985 263 620 -

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