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For TEKOX environmental protection is an essential part in our management as an Organization. For this reason, we search for the most appropriate procedures to develop and manage the different activities of the company with the aim of controlling their impact on the environment. In this way we try to instill the continuos improvement policy into the environmental behavior of all the members of the company.

We have a great compromise to minimize the environmental impact by means of specific action policies such as the waste and emissions management derived from the development of the business activity, always considering the existing legislation and regulations.

We are aware of the importance of recycling for the environment. Thanks to the design and the continuous improvement of the production processes, in TEKOX we re-use the surplus material for the production of the plastic pieces (a maximum of 10% recovered material). Likewise, in the mechanization process of the inserts, the spare shaving is removed, picked up and 100% used in the production process of the new raw material.

For years we have been applying an environmental policy with full respect for the Community policies. In this way, all the products are in accordance with the WEE and RoHs Directives. Furthermore, the insulating material used for the production of housings is Halogen-free and does not include components such as Phosphorous, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, PBB, PBDE or chromium VI.

Our commitment is to drive, support and prioritize all the activities aimed at achieving these goals. In this regard, we use every technical and human means, such as technological innovation, updating and constant adjustment of the processes and working facilities and the continuous training of the staff.

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