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Tekox. Stores for your customers and reduce your delivery time to 48 hours maximum

We have met with two entrepreneurs who have come up with a new way to get customers who are not in the manuals: play with space.

Now that customers reduce their orders to avoid having to manage stocks, many manufacturers are betting on stores also become your customers. But this requires a logistical effort that not everyone is prepared. Tekox, an Asturian company manufacturer of electrical equipment, this strategy has found a path of growth and a competitive advantage over your competition.

"We have two types of customers: distributors of electrical equipment storage for any-one installer of a work will not buy directly, but does so through a warehouse distributor, and manufacturers. Each manufacturer of a device bearing an electrical connection is an element capable of carrying our. Deal directly with them, but with installers and distributors, so do the stores, which are the ones who buy the standard product. If we have a power strip with 24 screws, the dealer buys the item that is not marked. If you want to mark and cut, you need to reach agreement because you can not store it. If something happens to that customer, I have to eat. The store wants to standard product. The problem is that now with the crisis and do not know what will sell and if you buy, keep in storage. Shall not be endangered. So far, we were serving the product in five days. With the current economic climate, we decided to become the warehouse stores. We allowed the new facilities as standard product is to be sold sooner or later, we ensure that we deliver within 48 hours, "says Alberto Gonzalez, head coach Tekox.

What about the manufacturers? "They do not have the problem of the stockholders, but neither can be without material. Here we have reduced to a maximum of seven days the delivery of customized product. What we do is to store intermediate material, so that then can be mounted quickly. Has a risk, but if you do not risk, not desire. We assumed in our customer care within seven days, "Gonzalez reiterated. However, this is not their main value proposition. "We have a quality product. You will not find another manufacturer in Spain, although we do have German competition, especially multinationals engaged in the electricity sector and, within their portfolio, have products that compete directly with ours. For them is a small percentage, but for us is the core business. Our way of attacking the market with a quality product, we have it, and accompanied with good service. We also design products for customers. Sometimes no use what we have in the catalog and you need to create something new (especially for manufacturers) that can be applied to your new product. Everyone needs to save money and space, "he explains.

Need more ideas?

Ask your suppliers. "When we have a new project, talk to our suppliers. Now we look for a material for a new product we are designing for a client. We ask suppliers to advise us. We can not know everything we know about wiring, but we do not know, we always ask. You have to have alternative suppliers. If something happens to one, would be sold if we did so. What we buy depends on a mix of price and service. And so we are clear: they must have this information. "

Source: Entrepreneurs


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