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An innovative entrepreneur and master

I want this article to pay a simple and humble tribute to that was my good friend, Jose Maria Diaz Pevida, who died last week and stayed with me for sixteen years in Asipo board, eight of them as vice president.


José María Díaz Pevida.His merits were recognized by Asipo in 1988 with the award of the gold badge of the association. Joseph met Mary in the early seventies, on the occasion of the founding of Asipo by a few entrepreneurs in Asturias, which by that time, we are committed to creating a business area of ​​private development, modern, fully serviced and autonomous reality today fully developed and consolidated.

In those marathon meetings over a hundred people very soon José María caught my attention. His deep economic and business knowledge, its rigor in the analysis and exposure calm, serenity and, above all, his poise.

But since then is that Jose Maria was not a businessman is said to use at the time. Mayor merchant by the School of Higher Commercial Studies of Bilbao along with his friend and partner of Tekox Antolin Velasco Sanz. The title had reached the basis of perseverance, working and with evident effort.

There must have been far from easy beginnings. He lost his father and mother at age six, he was raised with her two sisters, Lola and Valentina, by the family of his grandfather Manuel, a true father to all three. After the Civil War his adoptive family is losing. There were certainly good starts.

But the enormous tenacity and drive of Jose Maria can do anything. An anecdote that occurred when she was only fourteen years reveals that it points to a strong personality. His biographer, Jose Enrique Mencia, tells the story:

"A neighbor who was something my grandmother's family and had a reputation for brawling and buck-had been first with the Reds and later with nationals in the Falange insisted that my grandfather had watered the field with water his mill and I saw my grandfather did not want to water the field but neither felt like fighting. " Jose Maria could not take it anymore and went to meet the neighbor. He said, "Angel, my grandfather did not want to water the field, but if you force him and something happens you have to know that I am a child and I am still growing and some day I'll be tall and strong."

The warning had its effect: the neighbor did not return to disturb the old man.

This action, in addition to patent the great affection he had for his grandfather, noted two facets to the lad: courage and faith in the future. Both were going to be very useful in his role as entrepreneur and innovative past few years would develop strongly.

His future role as an entrepreneur of an SME is outstanding. From a hardware old, outdated, uncompetitive and operating only in the domestic market, the past few years transformed into a modern enterprise with own products and technology and competitive world.

This has to pack, see what's out. Study the environment, competition and thus travels through Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Tekox founded in 1976, accompanied by Antolin Velasco, Jose Cosmen, Constant Garcia and Manuel Gonzalez.

It should be noted that when this happened, in the early seventies, in Asturias all went around Ensidesa and mining. Anyone or even remotely thought of going outside. No one, least Jose Maria.

His company, Tekox, is the European leader in the manufacture of components for lighting equipment, household appliances and electrical installations of all kinds. Produced with technologies and patents, which itself requires an enormous effort of quality and constant renewal. This allowed them to export to 40 countries, some as China, Malaysia, Taiwan and so on. The success has rewarded the huge effort in Tekox, led under the baton of Jose Maria and his team.

As for the man with the qualifier that spearheaded this article, nothing better than to reproduce here part of my speech on the occasion of the imposition of the gold badge of Asipo, I said this:

"(...) I say in part and I do mean minimum and absolutely conscious. Jose Maria has been among the first arrivals Asipo even arrived, I think, before me, that is, has been a pioneer in thinking and create Asipo. Later was busy being the first to build your business at the site and then continue filling the same ship built outlining, among other things, for his dignity and good taste. Years ago I asked your staff support and collaboration, which gave me the time without the slightest doubt or hesitation.

"And that's when quietly, almost stealthily, José María Asipo for years given to all his knowledge, his experience, his training, his enormous capacity for analysis, but, above all, as I said before, José María brought to Asipo his poise, his lordship natural, that has contributed to today Asipo have a great image among the general public and is a highly valued capital. I ask now: Can you ask more than José María has left us? Honestly, I think not, for all that, on behalf of Asipo and on my own, but I will say thank you, Jose Maria. (...) ".

Today the company is managed by his sons, in particular, Jose Maria, who has had the great good fortune of having for years to an outstanding teacher, his father.

I conclude by giving my condolences to his wife, Manolita, and his sons, Jose Maria, Leonardo and Alicia.

Rest in peace, dear friend.


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