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New device disconnect DSC-2 equipment protection

Tekox launches its disconnect device DSC-2 specially designed for the lighting industry.

Following the philosophy of positioning itself at the forefront of safety in the sector of electrical connections available to the market system switching off DSC-2.
The incorporation of this device in lighting equipment makes it a safety element for any opening either accidentally or for maintenance, cutting power to the equipment, leaving you tension free and easier handling
The luminaries using this device as a component shall be classified as Class II.
The disconnecting TEKOX DSC-2 has a design that provides guidance for closing and opening the computer allowing optimal connection and disconnection in any situation and including the following technical characteristics:
• Current type: AC.
• Load type: Resistive/Inductive.
• Rated Voltage: 120/240V.
• Rated current: Resistive 10/6A Inductive 4A.
• Type of circuit: 1.3 (Double pole, single load, omnipolar disconnection).
• Mechanism: Normally open (NO).
• Rated ambient temperature: 85ºC.
• Self-extinguishing according UL94 V0.
• Connect: 6, 3 x 0.8mm quick-connect terminal (250 series).
• Degree of protection: IP20 (IP40 with insulated fastons).
• Free position: 13,7mm.
• Operating position: 9,7mm.
• Total travel position: 5,7mm.
• Momentary switch protected against accidental contact.

To see all the information of the new device: Series DSC


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