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New BD Safety block

BD safety block TEKOX provides full protection against possible electrical contacts, savings in installation time and greater versatility in mounting options, its design makes it perfect for derivations without loss of continuity in the main line.

Available to professionals in the electricity sector its new safety blocks BD.

At Tekox, we believe that electrical connections should be always made in a simple, fast and safe way. Following these premises, the new series of safety blocks BD are manutactured from high quality raw materials to guarantee the safety of the installation while making the installers' work easier.

Its features include screw protected by a cover, end cover for use as an end block and embouchure hole designed to increase isolation degree an make cable insertion easier, preventing any metal contact is exposed, providing security and total protection during handling and subsequent installation.

Installation time will be significantly reduced thanks to its screw inserted in the cover, which prevents installation waste time removing the screw to the process piping. This feature together with the connecting system between the base and the top of the terminal by a professional hose provides improved handling terminal within their facility.

As for the fastening means, the safety block BD has a new rail mounting system, screw mounting system and with the possibility to easily interlocked whenever required installation.

Tekox has a wide range in this product ranges from 6mm ² to 120mm ², fully manufactured at its plant in Llanera (Asturias) and certified in accordance with regulations.

To see all the information of the new Safety Block BD: Series BD


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